OneCoin Digital Currency Poised for BIG Growth

We all need food, water, clothing and shelter and wherever we go, we have to pay for it.  Money is a mystery to most people. Money means power. Most importantly, money is a means of expression. Through the use of money we can express ourselves in the world and give all that we can to those we love.

Cryptocurrency is a type of money. It was born in 2009 out of the financial crisis of 2008, now known as the great recession. The first cryptocurrency was called Bitcoin.  This is a fully digital type of money. It is quite different from Visa and PayPal systems. From 2009-2013 the value of a single Bitcoin went from $.01 dollars to over $1100. People who had invested in this early became  millionaires in a short period of time. Bitcoin’s value has decreased to about half of what it once was but it is now in the marketplace and being used to pay for things. You use your smartphone to pay with cryptocurrency.

There are now many different cryptocurrencies in circulation across the world. They are approved by most governments already. They are being used instead of cash and instead of plastic.

Sign up now for a free Rookie account. This will get you into the OneCoin system where you can learn all about cryptocurrency finance and OneCoin and you start trading and investing in OneCoin. When you sign up for the free Rookie account you will receive:

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The Future of Payments – OneCoin (video)

This is a 16 minute video which gives a great overview of OneCoin and cryptocurrency.

Did you know that major companies like Target and Amazon accept cryptocurrency as payment. Musicians are now starting to accept digital currency as payment for music. Think of cryptocurrency just like you do cash. You can use your phone to purchase things with cryptocurrency at the point of sale. It is real money!

Now, what most people don’t realize is that there’s another crypto-currency about to upset Bitcoin as the world’s No.1 cryptocurrency. It is rivaling the dollar for alot of online transactions already.

Many Wall Street financial institutions are getting positioned with this currency in their house accounts.

OneCoin Facts

  • This currency is the first cryptocurrency to be fully traceable and no longer anonymous, so banks will accept it as a real currency.
  • It’s the first crypto-currency that is backed up with real gold.
  • OneCoin is positioned to revolutionize the financial world of today’s digital economy.
  • OneCoin’s Founder and CEO is Dr Ruja Ignatova.

OneCoin Investment Opportunities

CryptocuRookie_freerrency investing can be profit enhancing. It can be used in your individual retirement account. It can be traded with other members.

Alot of research is showing that this currency is going to boom, and it fact, is booming already.. worldwide!

One decent investment now can position you for financial success for years to come.

The situation is very similar to what happened with Bitcoin. The early adopters and investors make the most returns. This can change your retirement plans in a most positive way.

Click on the Rookie Image to go to a short signup page. Enter your basic information into the form and submit. You’ll be in the OneCoin system where you can learn, browse the back office tools, read the newsletter and start trading as soon as you want.

OneCoin Value is Rising

The value of OneCoin is rising. It has gone up from just over $1 to over $5 in the past year (roughly). The opportunity with OneCoin is through invite only so you can consider this your invitation from me to get started by registering with Onecoin. You can do this by clicking here and register for a free package. Or you can jump right in and purchase one of the trader packages.

You will receive a number Tokens which you can use to purchase OneCoins.  It’s fun, it can be profitable, and it will be a large part of the future of money. Start building your OneCoin portfolio today!

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